Dianne Nichol-Brown BSc
28 Sunnyside Terrace
Trimdon Grange
Co Durham
TS29 6HF
01429 881529

Resume. Dianne works as Lecturer at Houghall Horticultural College on RHS level 2 and 3 courses, plant science , garden design and conservation. She has attended two botanical expeditions to the mid-west USA, and is the author of a monograph on Polemonium and other magazine articles. She has made several appearances on TV and radio, and has exhibited at Hampton Court Flower Show. An RHS Gold medal winner, Dianne is the holder of three National Plant Collections: Polemoniaceae (inc Collomia, Gilia, and Polemoniums), Fragaria vesca and Hakonechloa.

  1. POLEMONIUMS. The National Plant Collection of Polemoniums contains over 70 different kinds, the most in the world. See for yourself the wonderful variety you could be growing.

  2. FRAGARIA VESCA - wood and alpine strawberries.


  4. PLANT HUNTING IN COLORADO. In search of Polemonium species, a glimpse of many other American natives that have become popular garden plants.

  5. HERBAL TEAS AND EDIBLE FLOWERS - A guide to growing a range of plants which can be used fresh or dried and stored to provide organic teas and fresh salads

  6. COTTAGE GARDENING. -FRUIT ALL YEAR ROUND which can be successfully managed and pruned even in small spaces to create a garden you can relax in to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

  7. GOING GREEN INSIDE AND OUT. A tour of my environmental management from organic food to tea towels, recycling and choosing ethical products for the home and garden

  8. PROPAGATION. A practical demonstration giving hints and tips, and with appropriate plant material for the time of year, which will be available to take away at the end.

  9. ORGANIC PEST CONTROL The latest ideas on how to get the better of plant problems, including examples of plants not affected by them -prevention is better than cure and saves money too.

  10. HAMPTON COURT PALACE FLOWER SHOW. Slides from several years showing a personal selection of highlights of the exhibits, plants and gardens. Tips for would be exhibitors and behind the scenes stories.

  11. MAKING A GARDEN The entire garden was concrete and David and I were to open for the Red Cross in five months!!!

  12. BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE. Many people don’t plant trees because they think they don’t have the room. This talk suggests suitable ones for different areas and the ‘wrong’ ones to avoid.

  13. A-Z OF GARDEN FEATURES. An alphabetical stroll through the bizarre, the delightful and the making of the British garden come through the arch and see what comes next,


Other talks by request eg environment, herbs etc, can be booked at short notice. Please let us know if I need to bring my small screen.
Garden visits and tours by appointment, weekend residential courses WITH MEALS THEMED AROUND THE TOPIC CHOSEN.
Plants for sale. Fee is £35 plus travelling expenses at 35p* per mile.

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