Herbs and Edible Flowers

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Postage and Packing. Plants Up to 5 plants:-£7.25 Over 5 plants please contact us. Minimum order on plants is £10. Some rarer plants are propagated to order Galanthus Bulbs are sent out soon after flowering. Stock levels unknown until this time. All P and P is for mainland Britain only, please contact us for other areas. Most plants and bulbs on stock, but please contact us first for larger orders or rarer plants and some only available certain times of the year Payment is by Debt card or Paypal. Delivery is by Royal Mail, normally posted out on Mondays We are open by appointment or on our charity open days, donation to charity please.

Allium tuberosum

Garlic chives with a garlic flavour white flowers


Achillea millefolium

Creamy pale pink flowers


Lavandula angustifolia ’Hidcote’

Compact lavender with purple flowers


Mentha spicata



Mentha x piperita



Melissa officinalis ’Lemon Balm’

Lemon scented leaves small white flowers


Origanum vulgare margarim

Small compact evergreen with scented leaves


Origanum vulgare ’Aureum’

Fragrant yellow leaves with yellow flowers.


Origanum vulgare ’Compactum’

Dwarf form marjoram


Petroselinum crispum



Rosmarinus officinalis

scented foliage with blue flowers evergreen


Rosmarinus officinalis f. Albiflorus

white form


Rosmarinus officinalis ’Fota Blue’

deep blue flower


Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus Group

creeping form


Salvia nemorosa wood sage

grows well in shade and under trees


Salvia officinalis

culinary sage



Salad burnnet, cucumber tasting leaves


Teucrium aff. chamaedrys

Evergreen shrub with purple flowers