The Polemonium Plantery: an ecological plant nursery and B&B


Organic fairtrade and local - suppliers include Acorn Dairy deliver their organic milk, butter, cream and organic eggs.
Piercebridge Organics supply bacon, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes for my Durham Breakfast.
New Close Farm supplies flour, fruits for my freshly squeezed juices and to add to my fruit bowls and tomato sauce Fruits and tomatoes harvested from my gardens in season


I propagate and grow all the plants in the nursery with no pesticides and I use organic peat free potting compost. I recycle plant pots and re use containers, and collect rainwater. Plants are fed with organic seaweed fertiliser and mulched with compost from my compost bins


Avoid plastic packing -buy in paper and cardboard whenever possible or loose fruit and never single use plastic glass bottles used for bottled water and all sauces and syrups -never buy plastic bottles Recycle all non reusable glass and paper, compost all food waste


solar panels on south facing roof - 4kw
10 w solar for outside lights
Green energy supplier----Ecotricity


Secure overnight bike storage with charging points for ebikes
With excellent nearby cycle networks.
Nissan Leaf used for trips to farm shops and delivery of plants and talks .


Organic fairtrade cotton towels and sheets Ecover products for washing and cleaning Local organic hand soaps for guests, Faith in nature shampoos, conditioners and body wash in refills Organic fairtrade recycled paper tissues Drying by washing line and overhead airers -also for guests wet outer wear .

Polemonium Plantery Green Policy- Dianne Nichol-Brown. Updated March 2021

Commitment to sustainability and goals in the continuing development of the business in:


A commitment to exceeding legal compliance in environmental legislation, the Equality Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015 by ensuring all suppliers also meet these requirements and using Green Tourism sources where possible.


Avoid using paper by email orders ect and paper always recycled. Encourage guests and visitors to use recycled elephant dung paper for notes.

Social Responsibility

Recycled pot scheme on allotment and support activities in community centre


Monitor energy use and replace items with lower energy use products. 4kw solar panels used during day for washing etc.


Promote recycling and use of recycled products e.g.Unbleached cotton pillows with recycled and recyclable filling on Facebook and old pillows passed on to toymaker for stuffing


Waterbutts in gardens for plant watering rainwater recycling, dual flush toilets, recycled bath grey water to garden


Ethical suppliers –Acorn Dairy, Ethical superstore, local organic farmshops and garden for fresh produce


Leaf electric car charged in garage, bike for local journeys, amplw sorage and facilities for cyclists and walkers and good bus services


Gardens managed organically and promote Durham Wildlife Trust and National Trust with membership and information for guests


Information on activities in Community centre and examples of local artists in corridors

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